Grade A Certified

"It's Still Killa Season…"

Posted by J. Tinsley on July 4, 2009

Before I take a leave of absence for the day, posting duties call. With confirmation of Cam’s Gangsta Grillz on the way, the Evil Empire hooks up with Giles with a mixtape packed with exclusives. A mixtape with exclusives these days? Go figure.

Hit the break for what you came for.

1. Arab Muzik (Feat. Vado And Byrd Lady)(Exclusive!)
2. You The Baddest (Exclusive!)
3. We In This Thang (Feat. Yung L.A.)(Exclusive!)
4. Cocaine (Feat. Vado)(Exclusive!)
5. Different Cloth (Feat. Vado)(Exclusive!)
6. Horror Story (Exclusive!)
7. Lennox And 7th (Exclusive!)
8. Professional (Feat. Byrd Lady)(Exclusive!)
9. We Here Now (Exclusive!)
10. Where I Know You From (Exclusive!)
11. Chalupa
12. Get It, Get It
13. Who
14. Cookin’ Up
15. Silky (No Homo)
16. Cookies And Apple Juice (Feat. Skitzo And Byrd Lady)
17. Curve
18. Get It In Ohio
19. Crime Pays
20. You Know What’s Up

DL: Cam’ron & Evil Empire–Criminal Minded 2

Flashback: Cam’ron–You The Baddest x Professional | Cam’ron x Gangsta Grillz Coming Soon | “What I Did With My Tuesday…” | Cam’ron–Crime Pays (Original Intro) | Cam’ron Announces “Bosses” Tour With Jadakiss


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