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Trey Songz: "The Anthology"

Posted by J. Tinsley on July 3, 2009

On the eve of his third studio album, Ready, Trey Songz still remains one of the most talented, yet seemingly underrated artists in music. While respected throughout the years for his seemingly endless amount of remixes, features and cover tracks, the Petersburg, Virginia, native still finds himself somewhat on the outside looking in as far as R&B’s elite is concerned. Boasting two impressive albums and a slew of hits, many forget Songz’s work ethic is what sets him apart from most other acts (not named Ne-Yo).

Unlike areas such as New York City, Atlanta, Chicago or Miami, the 804 area of Virginia does not boast a laundry list of acts that have gone on to achieve mainstream accolades. While names such as Missy, Timbaland, The Neptunes, The Clipse and Chris Brown all openly claim Virginia, Songz has always remained the one I have paid close attention to seeing as how we both rep the same area. Which is why, with the assistance of Karen Civil, I wanted to release “The Anthology of Trey Songz”.

Comparable to Jay-Z’s “Library Of A Legend”, “The Anthology…” details close to EVERY NON-ALBUM track Songz has appeared on since roughly 2005. Consider this the ultimate crash course on Songz and a great gift for those who don’t frequent the internet’s top blogs. You shouldn’t see the same track twice, but if you do, charge it to the game. As a warning, the files sizes are large, but it’s free music, so really, how much can you actually complain?

Trey Songz Mixtapes: Searching the internet, Trey has hundreds of mixtapes. However, most contain the same tracks, so these are the one’s I’ve considered “official” (no disprespect to the “Swagga Like Songz” series). If anyone has his first tape, “Young & Heartless Vol. 1”, please send that my way.

Mixtape Folder 1:
• DJ Finesse & Trey Songz—The Ladies Choice
• DJ Kool Kid & Trey Songz—The Prince of R&B
• Trey Songz—In My Mind

Mixtape Folder 2:
• Trey Songz—Young & Heartless Vol. 2
• Trey Songz—Diary of Songz
• DJ Smallz & Trey Songz—Up South (The 804 Boyz)

Just in case you may not have the two most recent mixtapes, here’s “Genesis” and “Anticipation”.

Covers, Remixes & Features (1)

  • The tracks in alphabetical order can be found by clicking here. FYI, the tracks may not appear in that order once the folder is unzipped because each song was taken from either a specific album and/or random track. Either way, all the tracks listed will be in the folder.
  • Covers, Remixes & Features (2)

    • Same as above. Tracklist found here.

    Flashback: Trey Songz–“The ‘Anticiaption’ Builds…”


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