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TGIF "Thank GOD I Can Flashback": Milestone

Posted by T. Adeyemi on July 3, 2009

Many times as a connoisseur of R&B music I find myself gravitating towards the hits of yesteryear. Not to say I don’t equally enjoy the sounds of newer artists like that of my current favorite R&B singer Trey Songz and newcomer Jeremih, but there’s just something about the more soulful sounds that keep lasting fans. In that mindset, I randomly from time to time open up my iTunes 90’s R&B playlist that I know will remind me of the way the smoothness of rhythm is supposed to meet the soulfulness of Blues. Looking no further than the third song on my list I instantly pressed repeat on the only hit from a superstar group named Milestone.

Milestone formulated of the super duo of brothers K-Ci & Jo Jo, and the 3 brothers named Edmonds surely made their presence known with the song “I Care About You.” This Friday Flashback is unique is that sense, a group comprised of several different saw success with their ONLY release to date. With songs like this the “Soul Food” movie soundtrack became much more than just an accessory to the very successful movie. Music genius Babyface who produced the movie with his wife ex-wife Tracy also orchestrated the assembling of the group Milestone.

Kevon & Melvin Edmonds both give extraordinary vocal performances during the song. They easily displayed their value even though at first glance they may look like the least formidable two men of the group. Both Edmonds are no stranger to producing great music minus their younger brother having achieved platinum status with their singing group After 7.

K-Ci & Jo Jo found themselves in their third singing group after breaking through with the group Jodeci, and having gone on to form their own group named after themselves. K-Ci’s passion and bravado stand out during the group’s live performances. But its Jo Jo’s smooth tempo and tone that set the pace for a song that builds in passion and intensity with every line. Together each brother finds a way to make their presence felt without overpowering the other members.

Surely, most of the credit for this group’s success, whether short-lived or not should be given to Babyface. The singer/writer/producer/amongst so many other titles was the ears and hands that led to in my opinion one of the best music soundtracks to date. (SEE “The Waiting to Exhale” soundtrack for 1A on my list.) Milestone’s greatest asset may have been their pure voices which led to amazing live performances. Part of the reason I included 3 videos was so that their vocal tonality and passion could be felt equally in all 3 videos. Moreover, their live performances seem to better their studio quality.

Any guy that’s looking to woo his woman with a surprise dinner or maybe even just surprise her one Saturday morning as you clean the house. Don’t hesitate to play this song and LIPSINK the words to her to show just how much you care.

Take the Time and Flashback…

“Be Real, Be True, Keep It 100.”


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