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Terry Kennedy Speaks On New Album x Fly Society Mixtape

Posted by J. Tinsley on July 3, 2009

Instead of Wikipedia’ing Terry Kennedy, I’ll keep it real and say aside from a few episodes of “Run’s House”, I have no clue who Terry Kennedy really is…musically. On the skateboard scene, his name holds weight and now in the fashion game, he’s got Katie Holmes and Pharrell wearing his kicks (at least that’s what he said). Really, I just knew him as the guy who took Angela Simmons from Bow Wow, but hey, what’s that have to do with anything?

Until earlier today, I’d never really given Fly Society a thorough listen outside of Curren$y. As T.K. prepares the release of his solo debut with appearances from Rick Ross, Pharrell and Drake, peep F.S.’s official tape. If not, I’ve still done my civic duty in providing new music to the masses. Credit OnSmash with the link.

1. Intro
2. The Takeover
3. Get Rich
4. Professional
5. Mean Wit It feat. Ras
6. Space Shuttle
7. Supras
8. Shout Out To
9. Stop Frontin (FS Gunnerz)
10. Turn’t Up (RAAO)
11. Swagga
12. Drama
13. You Know What It Is
14. Super Starz
15. Gimmie That feat. Mecca Dawn
16. Step Yall Swag Up
17. Fresh
18. Get It Girl
19. Run Way
20. What Cha Face Look Like
21. Over Prepared
22. We Winning feat. Jay Rock, Roccet & T Lon Dank

DL: Fly Society–Fly With Us Or Lie Beneath Us


One Response to “Terry Kennedy Speaks On New Album x Fly Society Mixtape”

  1. YM said

    TK is that dude, he lst started rapping on that kick push diss to lupe a while ago, he puts on for cali tho…..

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