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"Ne-Yo & His Unreleased Tracks…"

Posted by J. Tinsley on July 3, 2009

As evident with the last post, artists with work ethic get tons of respect from me. Ne-Yo doesn’t even rank as one of my “favorites”, but I feel inclined to listen to everything he releases because of the effort he puts into every song. That an the fact that his performance(s) at the B.E.T. Awards were impressive to say the least.

For those who have been following Ne-Yo’s online onslaught with unreleased tracks for the past few months, this post should come as no surprise. Ne-Yo doesn’t get a post everyday on here, but from time to time I like to post some of his material for the hell of it. Feel free to play “Sunshine” at a cookout tomorrow if the urge to two-step overcomes you.

Snagged: Splash

DL: Ne-Yo–Sunshine

Bonus tracks: Ne-Yo–Hello My Name Is Revenge | Ne-Yo–The Lady of My Life (2009 B.E.T. Performace)


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