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"One Hell Of An Offseason…"

Posted by J. Tinsley on July 2, 2009

That was last year…summer ’09 is totally different.

With no disrespect to Major League Baseball, America’s past time doesn’t really get interesting until roughly the end of August/early September. Ironically, by that time football season kicks off (pun intended) leaving the period after the NBA Finals until the NFL preseason starts as baseball’s only time to dominate SportsCenter. While I anxiously await the start of football season, David Stern’s establishment has done a highly commendable job at creating hype for the 2009-2010 season.

A conversation with my boy Ryan led to the conclusion that the next calendar year for the NBA will be one of the most exciting in the league’s history. Next summer marks the arrival of the most touted free agent class in history with names like Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh, Manu Ginobli, Steve Nash and some kid from Cleveland all having the potential to change mailing addresses for lucrative contracts. Before then, the summer of 2009 has had its fair share of fireworks leading up to this Independence Day weekend.

Hit the break for my thoughts. You know you want to.

Richard Jefferson to the Spurs via three team trade

  • This marked the start of hunting and gathering season in the NBA and will probably go down as the most lopsided deal when it’s all said and done. The Spurs, while one of my most hated franchises, have one of the smartest front offices in sports. The acquisition of R.J., while only giving up an aging Bruce Bowen and Kurt Thomas, secured an athletic wingman who can play above the rim and knock down a jump shot.  at will. Additionally, this move allows the Spurs to bring Ginobli off the bench (where he’s most effective) and secure themselves one of the best big three combos in the league: Parker-Duncan-Jefferson.

Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva to Detroit Pistons via free agency

  • After making the league’s worst trade in recent memory, the reasoning behind it became somewhat clear this summer. Although I’m still confused at how the Stuckey-Gordon-Hamilton situation will work, anything is better than what they were playing with last year. Charlie V along with Tayshaun Prince will make for one of the longest frontcourts in the league, which could work well if played correctly. I don’t think these two signings are enough to compete with the other big signings in the Eastern Conference.

Vince Carter to Orlando Magic via trade

  • In middle school, Vince Carter was by far my favorite player in the league and the 2000 Slam Dunk Contest was enough to stake my claim for most exciting player. Throughout the next several years, VC, while still a highly respectable player, has seemingly fell in love with his jump shot (which can be potent at times) and abandoned the slashing game that gave him his claim to fame. Granted, he’s older now, but this move by Orlando really doesn’t excite me like it does the real of the free world simply because I believe Hedo, at this point, to be more valuable than VC15.

Shaquille O’ Neal to Cleveland Cavaliers via trade

  • Look, there are a lot of IF’s involved in this acquisition. As a diehard LeBron supporter, you’d think I’d be thrilled at landing the “Big Sidekick” to compliment the King’s on court wizardry, and while I am, wondering which Shaq will show up scares me more than anything. If he can play how he did last season, the sky is the limit. If he plays how he did when he first arrived in Phoenix, no bueno and hola, New York City. No shots at Big Z, but the addition of Shaq gives LeBron a DOMINANT low post presence, something he hasn’t had since entering the league in 2003.
  • Cleveland still needs a swingman to run alongside ‘Bron, however, and thought they had their man in Trevor Ariza until he decided otherwise. Instead of playing with two of the greatest players of all time, the newly crowned NBA champion decided to pair his abilities with those of Aaron Brooks and Chuck Hayes. Go figure. Shawn Marion is still available though.

Ron Artest to the Los Angeles Lakers via free agency

  • Even though it’s not official yet, seeing Artest sign with Kobe and the gang brings an odd sense of shock over me. For one, I totally forgot Ron was a free agent this year and two, that means the whole near brawl in the playoffs was all a show.  Anyway, witnessing this deal go down is rendezvous all over again. Could the Lakers end up being the new Bulls? Hear me out. Kobe-Jordan. Gasol-Pippen. Artest-Rodman. Phil-Phil. Get my drift here?

With Rasheed Wallace and the Boston Celtics courting each other more than prom dates, look for Sheed to carry his services to Beantown in the coming days. It is interesting to see the Heat not try to improve the supporting cast around Dwayne Wade. Maybe the nightlife on South Beach is enough to convince ‘Flash’ not to sprint off elsewhere. *Shurgs shoulders*. Other than the above mentioned, that about sums up the hectic offseason in the NBA.

In the meantime, let’s go Braves.


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  1. D Dotta said

    Okay, First let me say you beat me to this post. Because I just finished watching Sportscenter earlier and thought that this type of literature was neccessary.

    Second, you are SORELY mistaken if you believe the AI for Chanucey trade was the worst trade in recent memory. Though it happened last season, the worst trade STILL has got to be Pau Gasol to the Lakers for Kwame Brown, guard Javaris Crittenton, guard Aaron McKie, the draft rights to Marc Gasol and first round picks in 2008 and 2010. Now you tell me if you believe any of those guys will ever be a starter on a championship team? Yea, didn’t think so…And we saw how things worked out for Pau.

    Third, I’m curious to know exactly why you think Hedo is better than VC at this point? Hedo to me resembles David Blain during the first 3 quarters of a game. The way he’s in & out doesn’t compliment a team that lacks a TRUE leader. And not to say Vince is that guy either, but what do the Magic do best. Throw it down low to D. Howard and kick it out to WIDE OPEN jump shooters/three point shots…And as you stated above, “has seemingly fell in love with his jump shot (which can be potent at times).” That sounds like a perfect marriage. Plus, if he does decide to get back 2 slashing…The Magic will lead the league in dunks by a mile!

    Lastly, I’m sorry but I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t commend Mitch Kupchak and the whole Lakers staff for once again pulling off maybe not the flashiest, but by far the most effective move of this off season. Let me explain, out of all the trades & free agent pickups the Lakers are the only team to basically do a 1-for-1 swap of a player AND UPGRADE. As much as I liked what Trevor brought to us this season and especially postseason, he was essentially a slightly longer & taller Ron Artest without as much offense. So with that being said, Ron should fit right in. So just when I thought a repeat looked damn near impossible, you tell me what team scares the Lakers in the league? Let alone out west.

    Oh, and Spurs fans…Ya’ll better hope Timmy got in touch with the rejuvenation spirits out in St. Thomas this summer. Because he got OLD real quick.

  2. 1. Really I just posted this because I was bored lol.

    2. Everyone knows that damn Paul Gasol for ten wings and fries was fixed. Jerry West couldn’t bare to see his beloved Lakers slip into obscruity if they lost Kobe. So, in the greatest act of community service possibly EVER, Memphis basically hands the Lakers the dominant post presence they had been missing since Shaq. To this day it was rigged, but I don’t blame the Lakers one bit, they took it and ran with it like any team with common sense would.

    3. Man VC is sometimey to me. I’m sorry, but VC will disappear in games just like Hedo. I’m not saying it was a BAD move, I just think it didn’t make them THAT much better. But, like I said, I’ve been wrong before.

    4. F*ck Trevor Ariza.

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