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"Hold On, So THIS Is What We Were Cheated Out Of?"

Posted by J. Tinsley on July 1, 2009

Dwelling on the past has never been much of my forte’ (even though I will in this post somewhat). However, not seeing Chris Brown get a chance to pay homage to you know who at the B.E.T. Awards was, in essence, highway robbery. Whether it truly was Jay-Z’s supreme ultimatum or the threat of Cover Girl to pull their sponsorship, in hindsight it’s spilled milk.

While taking a glance at Necole Bitche’s site (something I’ve done maybe five other times in my life…no shots, great blog), I came across some interesting footage that, until now, I had forgot even existed. Three years prior to MJ’s death, C.B. paid tribute to his idol at the World Music Awards by performing his rendition of the song the world expected to see Sunday night in “La La Land”.

Although the singing may not draw you in (he didn’t really SING the song), drag the cursor to roughly about the 2:21 mark and watch from there. What you see is hands down the best “Thriller” dance sequence outside of Mike, himself. Those Filipino prisoners weren’t too shabby themselves either.

Bashing B.E.T. isn’t the objective here because, like I said previously, dwelling isn’t my cup of tea. I understand they were in between a rock and a hard place given the circumstances, but if the O.G., Don Cornelius, is allowed to make an appearance, who was also arrested on domestic violence charges last year, then so should “the country boy from Tappahannock “. Admittedly, while I’d be a fool to turn down seeing a Jay-Z performance, watching him perform “D.O.A.” with knowledge that the actual video would premiere DIRECTLY after the show’s ending still  baffles me. But then again, there is a reason why I run this site and not awards show programming.

Call it a hunch, but somewhere in a New York executive boardroom, MTV higher ups are likely licking their chops for a Michael Jackson tribute which would boast the likes of Justin Timberlake, Usher, Ne-Yo (who killed everything Sunday night, by the way) and Chris Brown for their Video Music Awards. Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if Chris brought Janet out and reenacted this scene.

Yet and still, this only makes the comeback of Chris Brown THAT much more interesting. Because he IS coming back, you know.

Flashback: Did Jay-Z Bar Chris Brown From B.E.T. Awards?


2 Responses to “"Hold On, So THIS Is What We Were Cheated Out Of?"”

  1. TiMiD said

    This definitely wasn’t one of Chris’s best singing performances live but he def killed the dance sequence. I have yet to see the BET Awards (I was on the road driving back home) I heard both positives and negatives from the show that night. One being, why wasn’t Chris part of the tribute to MJ.
    To be honest i am patiently waiting for the MTV music awards, so that chris can tell BET and all the haters of the world, to kiss his ass.

  2. T. Adeyemi said

    Damnnnnnnnn THAT BOY IS TALENTED! No way anybody REALLy SERIOUSLy thought he wasn’t going to come back. I mean that dance break was a FULL MINUTE LONG!

    Chris Breezy WE MISS YOU! The TRUE FANS…And Shit like Tins said if “The Black Clear Eyes” Guy aka DOn Cornelius can be there, so can you. DAMMIT

    On a Higher Note: PPl CAn WE PLEASE STop Bashing the BET AWARDS? Honestly…(btw that doesn’t apply to you Tins.) Like Its making me sick how many ppl have all these critiques of a pretty good show, that mind you was completely revamped 72hrs before its LIVE AIR!

    It makes me wanna take a stand….Hmm. I’m not busy @ the moment.

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