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Trey Songz – "Anticipation" (Mixtape)

Posted by J. Tinsley on June 30, 2009

As far as I know Trey Songz’s third album, Ready, is still scheduled to hit stores August 4. As accustomed in the industry, the buzz-building mixtape makes its way to the streets, this time in the form of “Anticipation”, his second in a three part campaign.  I won’t even get into a long description of this tape, instead this sounds a tad better.

I mean, after the jump it does.

Many of you may ask, Why ANTICIPATION? Well lets break it down shall we:

An⋅tic⋅i⋅pa⋅tion [an-tis-uh-pey-shuhn] -noun
1. realization in advance, intuition; foretaste.
2. Musically – a tone introduced in advance of its harmony so that it sounds against the preceding chord.

Musically, I’m currently in a creative space like no other. I feel as though whenever a mic is put in front of me, I can do no wrong. At a time in the music industry where album sales are low, fans are fickle, inconsistent, or more into the various songs than they are the particular artist, I feel that I must give u a reason to love me. Embed in you a desire to love me and an appreciation for the music. I must show you that not only do I LOVE what I do but I also do it well.

The creation of ANTICIPATION began after I presented READY to my label the first time. I just started recording on my days off and the music felt great and decided that I’d rather share the music than let it sit and be idle. This is music without politics, without creative boundaries.

Troy (my mentor and founder & CEO of Songbook Ent.) and I have been making music since I was 15. There was a time when thoughts of monotonous melodies or redundant choruses wasn’t THE KEY to making a hit record. Music that just felt good. Although they’re present at times the boundaries are endless in this body of work, giving you a (1) realization in advance to READY.

What do I mean by READY? Well, lets do this one more time.

Read⋅y [red-ee] –adjective
1. completely prepared or in fit condition for immediate action or use

Are you READY? I like to say don’t get READY…STAY READY!!! But until then…Here is ANTICIPATION…

For the record,“The Anthology of Trey Songz…” is coming soon, very soon. Put together solely by yours truly.

Spotted at Trey’s blog.

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No Responses Yet to “Trey Songz – "Anticipation" (Mixtape)”

  1. YM said

    This is so simple this is the 804’s music, that dude neyo ripped like 8 songs last night yun on the BET awards!!!!!!

    What that kinda not fair, when songz is the best PURE artist in R&B, and he show it last nite, in the 30 seconds they gave him… YUUP!!!

  2. Byron06 said

    Wolf Blitzer does it again! Now All I need is that Anthology my mans! And whoever YM is must have a good ear for music because Trey Songz has the PUREST voice in R&B without a doubt! Great post..

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