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"The Funniest Man On Twitter…"

Posted by J. Tinsley on June 29, 2009

If it does nothing else, Twitter is most certainly an entertainment escape while at work or bored at home. The social networking phenomena is likely responsible for 65% of employee activity and is seemingly making FaceBook appear as if it is heading for the same fate as the once powerful, MySpace.

To jump straight to the point, one of the most entertaining users of Twitter is the comedian, Lil’ Duval. Far from stand up or his days mimicking Shawty Lo, Duval’s comedic genius meshes well with the instanteanous mutating site. After the jump, you will find a slew of updates from the Grand Hustle comedian on a wide range of topics.

Prepare to laugh.

On personal hygiene

I just da house and realized I forgot 2 put on deodorant. Im debating if I wanna go back or just see how long I can go without getting musty

Why people that’s stank always wanna do shit 2 make them stanker?my stank homeboy ask me “u wanna go 2 the gym?” i said Nigga wit who?

On domestic violence

thanks 2 chris brown we just found out if are a 1st offender we are all entitle to beat up at least one bitch and get away wit it

On responsible parenting

fellas yo step child ever been actin up so bad dat it made u wanna call dey real dad yoself & say “hey man u need 2 step up & be a father”

I called my ol lady and asked where she was she talking bout traffic bad i dont wanna hear that shit. she’s being very selfish right now

On positivity

lil duval daily vitamin: stop sayin “if u need me im there” bitch u aint got shit! how da strugglin gon help da strugglin? have a great day!

if u have nothing but so called “positive people” around u 9 times out of ten u a fake ass nigga. cuz they gas yo head up wit bullshit!

On stretch marks

u can hav stretchmarks on yo ass i lik dat cuz it look lik u wearn tiger printed panties but deres no reason 4 u 2 be havin dem unda yo arms

On bad living arrangements

shout out 2 all the people that got room mates that they wanna kick out but they cant cuz he they weed man

On Michael Jackson

The greatest entertainer of all time dies and we stuck here wit singers like Cassie. That’s why I’m still crying

How I knew it was tru bout my nigga michaeI jackson, i sent him a text a he never hit me back.


Lil duval fact: if Yo moma over 45 and she fine 9 times of 10 1 of the Jackson 5 had sex wit her

On T.I.

T.I. ask me whats up what u up 2 i said just chilling enjoying freedom he said man fuck u! lmao

On the B.E.T. Awards

somebody tell beyonce this the b.e.t. awards not the oscars

i know niggaz in oakland saying “damn i shouldve rawed kiesha coles when she was a nobody”

tevin campbell got a butt plug on right now as we speak

thats not don cornelius thats one of the aliens off of men in black

i bet u a thousand dollars eddie levert got some viagra in his pocket right now

its funny how yall women saying shit bout tiny when 80% of yall talking look like deer nuts

For more entertaining tweets for your everyday life, follow the man. You’ll thank me later.


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  1. YM said

    Yo Justin this was mad funny, Lil Duval is that dude!!!!!……….

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