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Cam'ron – "You The Baddest" x "Professional"

Posted by J. Tinsley on June 29, 2009

You know, for a second there I REALLY thought Cam had disappeared again. Ever since Crime Pays dropped in May, Giles has been quiet again giving me the uneasy feeling of another “extended vacation” (the last one totaled three years and some change) on the horizon. A recent conversation with my New York homie, Joe, about the state of (what used to be) Dipset helped ease worries that Cam would once again do his best “Carmen San Diego” impression.

And what do ya know? As if almost on cue, two new tracks from Cam’s upcoming Gangsta Grillz find their way onto the information superhighway. While I’m still not sold on Vado or Byrd Lady, new Cam is new Cam. Beggers can’t be choosers, at least that’s what I was always told.

Respect to Legend

DL: Camron feat. Vado–You The Baddest

DL: Cam’ron feat. Vado & Byrd Lady–Professional

If by chance either A) You can’t get enough of Drake’s “Best I Ever Had” or B) you love Mase and can’t wait for his re-return to music or C) both, then this track should make your day.

DL: Drake feat. Mase–Best I Ever Had (remix)


No Responses Yet to “Cam'ron – "You The Baddest" x "Professional"”

  1. Joe Fields said

    Cam is Cam you right, he fell off a while back but i think he slowly creepin back…..

    Vado, I’m sold on him, prolly cuz im from NY and its the type of shit i like but byrd lady… i dont think i’ll ever be sold on her

  2. Joe Fields said

    You gotta post that “we here now” wit cam n vado…. or maybe u did already i might of missed it

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