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50 Cent On Drake's Buzz: "Mine's was completely organic."

Posted by J. Tinsley on June 25, 2009

It was really on a matter of time before Curt spoke on Aubrey’s buzz in comparison to his in 2003. Using the same tactic he’s had in his back pocket since the Ja Rule days, 50, who has claimed his new album is damn near perfect, had words for music’s newest love child, Drake.

Granted, he didn’t come right out and talk about him, he was simply asked a question and he responded. Fif, while his music has been “ok” as of late, is guaranteed a great interview so you already know what you’re getting into from the moment you press play. Courtesy of XXL, here’s an excerpt of what he had to say about Drake’s hit, “Best I Ever Had”, receiving the reaction it’s garnering now.

“Ain’t nothing there just because, enough for it to be playing every hour on the hour. That song is being worked like he’s on a label. You know I’m sure Sylvia Rhone or Universal — they’re spending money to get the record played. They got the public feeling like its just happening.”

Just watch the entire clip. I won’t say 50 is hating because he actually has a point. With that said, this reminds me of a certain article I have to write.

Once again, kudos to XXL.


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