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Posted by J. Tinsley on June 23, 2009

The crazy thing about music nowadays is that talent is found everyday with simply the click of a button. Call it a gift or call it a curse, either way names that were unknown the day before now have the opportunity to become celebrities in the span of one rotation of the Earth on its axis. First Soulja Boy gained worldwide acclaim from the internet. Now, Justin Bieber seems primed and ready for his own trip to the upper echelons of success in the music industry.

And he’s not even old enough to drive yet.

This 15 year old won a singing contest in Canada (go figure) when he was 12 and, well, he’ll tell the rest to Jabari.

Justin Bieber is the newest artist from Scooter Braun, the rising mogul who discovered and manages Asher Roth. Justin has been seen over 38 million times on YouTube, making him an online sensation. He recently was signed by Usher to Island Def Jam and his single “One Time” is out right now.

There’s your background. Now immerse yourself and prepare to be amazed. Any kid younger than 18 who can quote ‘Pac lyrics word for word is good in my book.

**Stamps Justin Bieber**



  1. T. Adeyemi said

    This Yung Dude is talented…And once again my 15 yr old sister ALREADY knew about him before me. Go Figure…Drake now Justin. Who’s NExt?

  2. […] up on one of those opportunities which could potentially prove itself as life altering. Remember Justin Bieber? Yup, him. To make a long story much, much shorter, Tay is now the official DJ of the kid and […]

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