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A Letter to the Game Signed Sincere

Posted by T. Adeyemi on June 23, 2009

Samuel “Sincere” Walker

“The belt buckle bars hold while they slack

And I’m freshly dressed like the Month of May bach

Give me the Green Light like Dre 3 stacks

So the D’s never see where I be at

Hey, I know my letters quite well

Flippin life like a coin, I’m a Head, you can’t Tail”

Sincere – Maybach Music Freestyle

At times when I hear new music from an up & coming artists its hard to push my preconceived notions of who they’re going to sound like to the side. An in most cases it is even harder to ignore the artists’ irrepressible dependency to spew out “gangsta” references in hopes of proving that they belong before the end of the first verse. Yet, the other side of the spectrum seems to lean on my conscious just as much.  Always hoping that when I press play I won’t hear an amateur recreation of the Hot 8 at eight songs from Hot 97.

So much goes through my head while I smile previewing music in the midst of an artist presence. Especially, when they’ve expressed to you how “Hot” everyone they know said their music was. But then there’s times when an artists seems ultimately humbled just to have you listen to their music as it seems they’ve already realized the bigger picture. The picture being that everyone may not like what they hear, yet exposure being the key to their continued growth. That sense of humbleness is the exact characteristic that is evident in speaking with Samuel Walker better known as Sincere.

The biggest difference between Sincere’s and a lot of the new music I preview; is that his music is unique and recorded with a very professional feel. I look no further than the single “I’m Leaning” for a perfect example of all that Sincere brings to the table. With a smooth delivery that doesn’t overpower the beat, he instead allows his voice to glide over the bass like fingertips encountering the roof of a brand new car. The Tazzy Baby produced beat stimulates the classic head nod that signifies the only action needed to approve of a hit when listening to good music.

Sincere’s music is without a doubt a reflection of who he is as a person. And not to say he needs a stamp on his authenticity but the man puts in work. He is currently enrolled as a student at the prestigious Hampton University in Virginia. And self-admittedly the Virgina Beach native claims to have only gotten serious about this music thing merely five months ago. At the moment Virginia may be missing their budding star as Sincere is currently in the Big Apple working on a mixtape and mingling in the big city scene.

NY’s finest will surely recognize Sincere’s stress-free flow and creative wordplay. This is evident on tracks like his “Maybach Music” freestyle where he shows how elegantly he can add his twist to the Boss’s single. And tracks like “Incompatible” display how willing he is to allow the beat direct his flow. Instead of pressuring the beat with an overload of lyrics he finds a way to utilize each note to his advantage.

With a crew like The Atomics behind him and a rising producer like Tazzy Baby, Sincere’s path to the top of the charts just got a little bit easier. It seems the fresh faced 20 year old may have already conquered the hardest problem, which is how to sound different. With a voice that blends a maturity beyond his years with the swagger of today’s generation its almost certain that only one ingredient is missing from this formula. To quote my blogging partner J. Tinsley,

“Success is inevitable when grind = talent * passion.

Sincere’s musical grind may have just begun, but he seems determined to transform his talent into a sound that will one day grace the charts.

“Be Real, Be True, Keep it 100!”

Sincere – Facebook Status

Sincere – I’m Leaning

Sincere – Incompatable

Sincere – Maybach Music Freesyle

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