Grade A Certified


Posted by J. Tinsley on June 22, 2009

Watching a recent clip of The Game in the studio working on his fourth release, The R.E.D. Album, did two things for me.

  1. It got me amped to hear some new material from Chuck.
  2. I wondered whatever happened to his project, “Blood Brothers”, with Wayne.

Since his introduction five years ago, The Game has been a hate him or love him artist (pun intended). I’ve never heard anyone simply say “Game is aight”, rather it’s either been “Yeah, I f*ck with dude music. He can spit,” OR “That n*gga wack son. He name drop every two words and he ain’t sh*t without 50,”. Personally, I’ve been a fan of dude since his record with Eazy-E. “Still Cruising” is what I think it was called. And while he got dismantled by Joe Budden, “200 Bars N’ Runnin'” was is still a dope record.

On to statement #2, however. I’ve always wondered what happened to the mixtape he and Weezy boasted about years back. Until today, I haven’t thought about this project in nearly two years, but now I’m pondering the subject all over again. My hypothesis states  this project, along with another Weezy collaborative album (which shall remain nameless), are stuck in some parallel universe where artists like DJ Webstar and Yung Berg are considered the masters of their craft while Bun B and Common are frowned upon as rejects.


Anyway, I’m not one to leave without bearing gifts, so take these as collateral. They signify the only times the two have released work together with the latter two allegedly slated to have appeared on the tape. Impressive too might I add.

DL: The Game feat. Lil Wayne–My Life

DL: The Game feat. Lil Wayne–Red Magic

DL: The Game & Lil Wayne–Lyrical Homicide [LowKey Tags]


DL: Ray J feat. Lil Wayne & The Game–Gifts

DL: Fat Joe feat. Lil Wayne & The Game–Ain’t Sayin’ Nothin’ (remix)


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