Grade A Certified


Posted by J. Tinsley on June 20, 2009

With no disrespect to Jeezy or Gucci, this man is a Southern hood legend in every sense of the phrase. During my most recent trip to Atlanta, I can’t sit here and tell you how many times I heard Gotti blasting otu of Chevy Impalas and old school Caprices with enough volume and bass that would create potholes by themselves. Yet and still, for me to sit here and front by saying I’m a “long-time follower” of dude would be against my personal code of ethics.

That still won’t stop me from placing this latest installment of his Cocaine Muzik series on a blank CD and ride off into the night while the volume cranked all the way up. With the AC on, of course.

It’s hot as all hell here in VA.

01. For My People (Intro)
02. Newspaper On The Floor
03. Standing In Kitchen
04. Live From The Kitchen (Interlude)
05. 36 O’s
06. Five Star
07. Swag
08. Halle Berry
09. Hoodrich (Interlude)
10. First Time
11. Why U Lyin’
12. Night & Day
13. 28 Bars
14. Cocaine Muzik (Feat. Allstar)
15. Snap A Picture
16. Outro
17. Different
18. Every Chance I Get (Feat. Drama)

Spotted at HIF

DL: Yo Gotti & DJ Scream–Cocaine Muzik 3

Flashback: Yo Gotti & DJ Drama–Cocaine Muzik 2


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