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TGIF "Thank GOD I Can Flashback": Tatyana Ali

Posted by T. Adeyemi on June 20, 2009

Yet again we find ourselves embarking upon another Friday. Friday,  the day that everyone looks forward to right? Well, the answer would be yes if the weather would cooperate. But when the weatherman says Friday is his “pick of the week” simply because its the only day in his 5-day forecast where he can show the sun; then it kind of takes away the essence of all that Friday embodies. Nevertheless, Friday still does signify the end of some people’s work weeks and I know some will already have their minds on somewhere/anywhere outside of their workplace. But until the clock strikes 5pm all there is left to do for many, it to Daydream.

As a kid growing up in the early 90’s and then maturing through this decade there’s been a few things I’ve never lost site of.

1. I would go to college

2. That I would become the starting running back for the Dallas Cowboys.

3. That I would marry one of the many dimepieces that graced the set of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

Initially, I had my heart dead set on marrying on Vivica A. Fox, but then Tyra came along. I even had a Hillary phase where I found a way to look past the ditzsyness. Then I just knew that it was Nia Long who played the part of Lisa that would be my bride. But somehow once reality and the 2000’s began to set in I realized these women were much too old for me. However, even now in looking back on the episodes I noticed just how much of a crush I had on Miss Ashley Banks.

Ashley who was played by Tatyana Ali flew under the radar on the show for most of her tenure on the show. It wasn’t until she began maturing as a woman that her character grew and soon they would air her own episodes mainly dedicated to Ashley’s escapades. Many people believed that through Tatyana’s steady growth as an actress and with the increased role she saw during the latter years of the show that when the Fresh Prince ended in 1996 she would blossom into a major name in Hollywood.

Instead, Ali seemed to veer towards a career in the music industry. The result was her debut album entitled “Kiss the Sky.” This album served as notice to anyone who did not pay attention to the episodes of Fresh Prince where Tatyana displayed her vocal abilities. The album dropped in late 1998 and was certified gold by early 1999. The flagship single off that album was the Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz sample from “Deja Vu (Uptown Baby),” in which Ali returned the favor by featuring the duo on her remake version.

“Kiss the Sky” spawned 3 top 50 Billboard hits including the Will Smith assisted “Boy You Knock Me Out” and “Everytime.” One of the major contributing writers and producers for this release was that of Shawn Stockman, who represents the smoothest voice in the four part harmony that is Boyz to Men. However, the lead single credit of “Daydreamin” goes to Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins.

Ali has been keeping busy since her time sharing the screen with Big Willy, she’s appeared in over 20 movies and on several other artists projects. Recently, you could have caught a glimpse of Ali on the campaign trail going door to door in support of Barack Obama. But her most important effort is most likely her upcoming album called, “The Light.” The album is as she calls it, “A completely independent project.”

With new music on the way and a recurring role on “The Young and the Restless” it doesn’t look like we’ll stop hearing from Ali anytime soon. As for my crush, well you tell me if she doesn’t look just as good, if not better than she did back in the 90’s. I’ve still got my fingers crossed that maybe she’ll see this article and she’ll request to meet me. That’s not too far fetched, and if that doesn’t happen then I’ll still be a frequent visitor of her myspace page and her website,

Take the Time and Flashback…

“Be Real, Be True, Keep It 100.”


2 Responses to “TGIF "Thank GOD I Can Flashback": Tatyana Ali”

  1. The original Ashanti…lol

  2. The original Ashanti…lol

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