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Real Hip Hop – A Slaughterhouse Fresstyle Burial

Posted by T. Adeyemi on June 19, 2009

Okay, so I may be a few days late on making this post (only in internet blog terms.) But I’ve always admittedly been a fiend for freestyles. And for that reason alone I decided to ignore what the calendar says because hot bars Tuesday is STILL hot bars on Friday.

Everyone who knows anything about the evolution of the freestyle game in Hip Hop knows that Dj Green Latern and his OnDaSpot Freestyles have gracefully taken the place of those Smack DVD street freestyle battles. The release date of Smack DVD’s only a short time ago used to be as anticipated as any artists LP. The street series also birthed the “careers” of hood legends such as Jae Millz, Murda Mook, & Serius Jones.

Well, these next four gentlemen have had much more success in their own ways then the list named before. Slaughterhouse, who I’ve admitted in the past was not my favorite rap group comes through during their interview on Invasion radio with some serious bars. Here’s just a sample of what to expect when you click play:

Joe Budden “It’s magic! You Skip, I’m Jameer my spot’s reserved/Your spot is a reserve!

Royce 5’9′ “Chowder time, ya’ll right I sprinkle powder lines/ If Kelly beat his case, my lawyer gonna swallow mines.”

Joell Ortiz “This music’s a novel, you still on page 10/I read it, rewrote it, & published it, called it A-Men!”

Crooked I “My six cruise on big shoes, Imma lit fuse/ Wit sick views I got issues, I’m misused.”

All in All the four horsemen spit a lot of crack. But is it just me or have I heard most of what Royce Da 5′ 9′ verses somewhere before? And whatever Joey wrote, I swear was not nearly as critical as what he spit after he put the paper down. Yet, he still have had the best showing with Joell in a close second.

Did I just say Joey took that cipher? I just watched it again…and all those sweat beads coming off of Joell’s forehead made me change my mind. Big Boys Unite LoL


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