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Posted by J. Tinsley on June 19, 2009

Remember when Plies was the most anticipated new artist in 2007? Since then it seems like he’s released 10 albums when in actuality it has only been three. While The Realist was a disappointment in my eyes, his first two albums were highly entertaining with me even purchasing Definition of Real.  Throughout the course of the past several months, my interest in his music has declined, but like anyone who respects the music industry, my interest in his grind has not.

Whether you like dude or not, you’ve got to admit, he’s one of the hardest working rappers in the industry…period. With his fourth album (in two years, that’s crazzzy), Goon Affiliated, on the way, the first single has made its way to the internets and it’s about a subject we all have talked about at one point or another…but I’m confused about how this will gain radio play.

Just listen, you’ll see what I’m talking about.

DL: Plies–Becky


2 Responses to “PLIES – "BECKY"”

  1. More Foolishness from by far the MOST IGNORANT mainstream rapper in the game. I hate everything about Plies dimeanor and his rhymes towards women disgust me. Especially, the way that women love his music. Its shocking to me

  2. YM said

    Its PLIIIIES Baby!!!!! Lol yea I’m a huge Plies listener his last album was kinda off and rushed!!!!!!!!

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