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Posted by J. Tinsley on June 19, 2009

Almost like clockwork, Mary J’s got an album in the works and for all intensive purposes, it is probably safe to say it will be yet another highly successful product from the “Queen of Hip-Hop”. With her Drake assisted first single only waiting to tear up the airwaves, another record leaked days ago under the title of “Stronger”.

For what it’s worth, this song is usual Mary, detailing the power of relationships and the experiences which accompany them. By that description alone, expect to see quotes from this song filling Twitter and Facebook statuses in the coming weeks. However, looking beyond the surface of the comes the fun part. Sure to fly under the radar if and when this song begins to gain mainstream momentum is the fact that Keri Hilson recorded the demo for Mary.

Who has the better version isn’t for me to decide, but I do feel obligated to post both versions if by chance you, the viewer, haven’t heard the other (or both). Regardless who “won out”, let’s just hope Keri doesn’t diss Mary like she did Beyonce’.

Shout out to my boy Hit Boy of Surf Club for lacing the beat.

DL: Mary J. Blige–Stronger

DL: Keri Hilson–Stronger

Flashback: Mary J. Blige feat. Drake–The One | Keri Hilson feat. T-Pain & Lil Wayne–Turnin’ Me On pt. 2 (remix) (Beyonce’ diss)


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  1. D Dotta said

    Although, this wasn’t a competition thing. I’d have to give the edge to Keri on this track. Sometimes Mary just comes out TOO overbearing for me, like on this song. Keri’s less abrasive and smooth tone & volume suit the track well.

    All in All this track doesn’t do that much for me no matter who sings it…Hopefully mary will stash this for her 3rd single, not 2nd.

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