Grade A Certified


Posted by J. Tinsley on June 19, 2009

Really, the only reason this is getting posted is because of Ron Browz.


While I’m sure I had you going for 3.7 seconds, the real inspiration is Mase (pause). In an odd sense, I guess you can classify him as hip-hop’s Hailey’s Coment seeing as how he only comes around once every so many years.

Comeback? I doubt it. Whatever it is, it gives me flashbacks to yesteryear when Betha was relevant. Now, all I remember him for is getting cussed out by Jimmy.

For what it’s worth though, Harry-O did have a few songs I played back during Murder Inc.’s glory days. He wrecked the 1-900-Murder track if I remember correctly.

Respect to nation

DL: Harry-O feat. Ron Browz & Mase–Uptown Boy (remix)


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