Grade A Certified


Posted by J. Tinsley on June 18, 2009

It never fails. Each time I strap on my seat belt on a plane, cut my cell phone off and watch as the door shuts signaling take is about to commence, the same thought enters my head.

“How the hell does this thing manage to get off the ground?”

Yes, of course I know all about the law of physics, but no one references back to 11th grade physical science when a giant piece of metal seemingly floats in the air at 40,000 feet at over 250 miles per hour. At least, I don’t. Truthfully, I go to sleep soon as after take-off and pray to the big man up above that the next time I open my eyes, I’ll be on the ground as opposed to waiting in a long line outside the pearly gates.

It’s not even that I’m scared to fly, but stories like these don’t necessarily make you feel good either. On a flight from Belgium to Newark, the captain of a Boeing 777 died. No, not while on the ground, but in mid-ar. I actually heard this while laying in the dentist’s chair and the hygentist who was working on my pearly whites damn near pricked a hole in my gum. Needless to say, we were both shocked at the news and I instantly began to think of the movie “Airplane”…minus the comedic references.

Asked whether the plane’s 247 passengers had been told of the situation, a Continental spokesman said only that the plane had arrived safely.

Passengers told CNN that they were not told, and only that an announcement for a doctor was made during the flight.

Great, one more thing to look out for. Note to self, ask pilots how are they feeling if if they need anything before we take off aimlessly into the abyss.

R.I.P. to the pilot, however.

Jetliner lands safely after pilot dies (CNN)


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