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Posted by J. Tinsley on June 17, 2009

There was once a time when the words “new”, “50” and “mixtape” would ignite such a state of panic and excitement over hip-hop, words really couldn’t begin to do it jusitce.  Fast forward a few years and a few down campaigns for everyone under the G-Unit umbrella and that buzz only remains a shell of his former self.

Even still, when 50 began promo for this latest tape, LP, whatever the correct term is, I’d be a fool to tell you I didn’t want to give it a listen. Even as his song making abilities have deteriorated over the years, Curtis still poses a viable threat to the industry if he could ever get his hands on the “right” single.

On second thought, that’s easier said than done.

1. “I Line Niggas”

2. “Talking in Codes”

3. “OK, Alright”

4. “Redrum (Murder)”

5. “Cream 2009″

6. “I’ll Do Anything”

7. “London Girl”

8. “Better Come On Your A Game”

9. “Get the Message”

10. “Cocaine” Ft Robin Thicke

11. “I Gotta Win”

DL: 50 Cent–War Angel LP

Spotted at ThisIs50


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  1. Is this mixtape any good???

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