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Posted by J. Tinsley on June 16, 2009

Whenever stuff like this manages to get released, I always tend to enjoy the listen more than I would their more current work.  It’s not because I don’t find fulfillment out of an artist’s most recent material, rather listening to the work they constructed when many of them had no more money in their pocket than I do right now just tends to make the work more “authentic”. Such is the case with Trey Songz’s demo tape, “Genesis”.  Instead of me, let the man who is the architect behind arguably the year’s hottest hook explain the reasoning behind this release.

After the jump that is.

Genesis – the beginning of it all. I was a kid with big dreams. I met Troy Taylor (My Producer/Mentor/Founder of Songbook Ent) at the age of 15. He lived in Jersey while I was a high school student living in Virginia. We kept contact throughout the school year & I’d come to Jersey for whatever school breaks we had AND the summers to hone what had now become my craft.

While I loved music, like anybody does, making music was new to me. You will hear the Immaturity and youth in my voice, you’ll hear me learning how to record. This is TreySongz pre – Gotta Make It. Most of the songs you will hear were recorded in a basement in Teaneck, New Jersey. I slept on a fouton, I woke up to loud music & was made to think of melodies & concepts before I washed my face or brushed my teeth. I could make 10 bucks stretch 2 weeks because I’d rather not burden my mother. I drove a 88 Honda Accord that had 2 different color doors & no radio back & forth from VA (or Baltimore) to Jersey.

This is only one chapter of my story, you’ll learn more as we grow together. I want my fans to know my musical path, know the work I put in, see my growth. Know that anything is possible. If u believe in YOU like no one else could ever have a work ethic to match & u cannot be stopped. With that being said…I give you GENESIS.

You heard the man. Now, download.

DL: Trey Songz–Genesis

Bonus: Sammie feat. Trey Songz–Bedroom G


One Response to “TREY SONGZ – "GENESIS"”

  1. YM said

    Get to know Trigga !!!!!!!

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