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"She Love My BIG Ego" Beyonce "Ego" Remix Feat. Kanye West

Posted by T. Adeyemi on June 16, 2009

At first I wasn’t going to post this seeing as how we’ve already posted the original video and track download on this site. BUT if ever there was a time for redundancy I guess the one & only “B” could get away with it. I’m not sure how you can technically re-release your last single, except with an addendum of added Kanye scenes at the front and call it a “new” release but she has. And who am I to argue with the true Queen B?

Plus, as much as I try to hate on her by saying things like Kelly looked better than her when they were in Destiny’s Child, or that she stole “If I Were A Boy” from that white girl, or that all her last 3 videos look the same. In the end it turns out that Beyonce is STILL & FOREVER will be at least 2 levels above the next leading lady in the entire music industry. Simply put, the woman in flawless.

Damn, did I just help stroke her big Ego? Well Kanye said it best,

“You coulda been anywhere in the world, but you’re hear with me/That’s good for my Ego, Me & My Ego.”

BTW, Beyonce’s “Above and Beyonce” DVD/CD drops in stores today which includes this video.

Flashback: Original Version Beyonce “Ego” Video

Flashback/Dwnld Link: Beyonce Feat. Kanye “Ego” Remix


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