Grade A Certified


Posted by J. Tinsley on June 16, 2009

Truth be told, it’s been one hell of a day that I really don’t feel like getting into the entire series of events.  One of my most recent and pressing pet peeves is not having the site remain updated and for that, I take full responsibility. There have been quite a few posts I would have loved to liberated today, but at this point, it is what it is.  However, if you want a recap of the days events, just hit Nah Right or 2DopeBoyz up, they’ve got everything  you need anyway. To the faithful viewers of this, I apologize for what it’s worth.

However, with that said I must upload this tape because of its relevance. For quite sometime now I’ve been hyping Roc Nation’s first artist, J. Cole, and for what I feel is good measure. He’s got talent, charisma and the lyrics that seem to equate to a long successful career in the music industry. Earlier today, he released his highly anticipated second mixtape, The Warm Up, and for all intensive purposes is right there behind Drake’s “So Far Gone”. Believe me or don’t, just give the tape a shot and be prepared to see what won me over almost two years ago and what won Jay over late last year.

DL: J. Cole–The Warm Up

Flashback: J. Cole x DJ Tay James x J. Tinsley–American Dreamin’


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