Grade A Certified


Posted by J. Tinsley on June 12, 2009

Within 72 hours until the liberation of J. Cole’s highly anticipated “The Warm Up”, one thing that can be said is that he’s managed to create a noteworthy buzz almost solely by the grind of himself and his DreamVille crew. Sure, the co-sign from Hov helped, but the anticipation was spawned solely through his own grassroots movement. Every site seemingly has a “preview” and new music from the Fayetteville transplant seems to be at every click. Add this to the list.

“Show Me Somethin'”, which happened to be on the ‘cliff notes’ release we dropped a few weeks ago (1,000 downloads is bootleg platinum in my eyes), was one of my favorite tracks and was originally slated to be on TWU, but was cut at the last moment. Which leads me to ponder that if this was axed off, what was left on there? Yup, the anticipation continues to build. It was so much a personal favorite that I’ve decided to let go the NO DJ version.

Regarding that track list, the fact that “Losing My Balance” is on there already makes this one of the year’s best releases.

Hit the jump to see Pardon Me Duke‘s second part to their sit down interview with Cole as well as XXL’s preview.

DL: J. Cole–Show Me Somethin’ (NO DJ)


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