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Posted by J. Tinsley on June 11, 2009

Maybe it’s the recession, maybe it’s all hoopla or maybe it’s higher ups coming to the realization that the plant, cannibis, is a potential cash cow is regulated correctly. Whatever the reason happens to be, the topic of marijuana and its legalization is a topic which has been brewing for years, but seemingly in 2009 it has taken on more steam than ever.

In the “green state” of California, the next step into possible legalization is well on its way to being taken.

With polls showing the legalization of marijuana gaining public support, and a state budget crisis fueling an ever-more-desperate search for revenue, backers of the first major statewide initiative to legalize marijuana for personal use – and allow counties to tax and regulate the drug – say they’re preparing to get the matter on the November 2010 ballot.

“We think the tides have turned,” said Richard Lee, the executive director of Oaksterdam University, a major medical marijuana dispensary and advocacy group in Oakland, and a founder of, sponsor of the initiative.

With no doubt of obtaining the required 650,000 signatures needed to secure a spot on the ballot, supporters believe that a change in this law could lead to federal revisions as well.

Even if the initiative is successful in California, marijuana would still be illegal under federal law, although backers hope a change here would lead to a change in federal law.

The move to go before voters underscores how the state’s budget crisis could help drive what political observers say is an increasingly sophisticated, Internet-savvy and business-oriented approach to the effort to legalize pot.

“It’s not the complete answer to the state budget crisis – but it’s a piece of the puzzle that could be put into place relatively easily,” said Bruce Mirken of the Marijuana Policy Project, which studies legalization issues. “That said, there’s an ongoing discussion about how to get that done as quickly as possible – and whether a ballot initiative is the way to go.”

By the slim change this does, in fact, become a law, anyone 21 or older would be allow to carry one ounce for personal possession with cultivation in a space no larger than 5 feet by 5 feet. For those not in the know of what the California Gold Rush was, click here and understand why I made the analogy.

Backers of legal pot eye ballot

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  1. rejektfalseicons said

    Obama has said that he will only take action if the offense violates both State and Federal law. Supposing marijuana is legalized in California, he won’t start tossing people in jail because it only violates Federal law.

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