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Posted by J. Tinsley on June 10, 2009

With the year halfway complete and the decade a semester away from its completion, a few more candidates throw their names in the hair for consideration for the coveted title of “album of the decade”. With names like The-Dream, Rick Ross, Cam’ron, Asher Roth and Eminem already moving their products off shelves, the second half of 2009. Without further adieu, check out my personal top seven albums for remainder of two-double-o-nine.

Why seven you ask? No reason.

7. Andre 3000–Untitled: Yes, I understand that the probability of this dropping before December 31 is lower than Snoop organizing a “stop smoking” campaign, but I’m typing this on a wing and a prayer. His whole “dropping a verse every six months” thing is more of a tease than anything. But the prospect of an entire album with Dre rapping? Oh, that seems almost TOO GOOD to be true. Fine Dre, you can even sing on the first single if that makes you happy. Just release the product, I beg of you.

6. Young Jeezy–Thug Motivation 103: Ok, I know I said this was in my top five just a few posts ago, but after careful examination, I couldn’t put this above anyone in my top cinco. With that said, I’m beyond excited over the possibility of a new Jeezy LP. He’s definitely one of my most respected acts in music today because even if his content doesn’t change much. He definitely knows what works for him and sticks to it. Better than I can say for a lot of artists today. The Recession still gets burn, by the way.

5. Kanye West–Good Ass Job: I’m honestly not sure if that is the name of the album, I just remember him saying that would be the title years back. Whatever ‘Ye decides to name it, the most important thing is that he’s leaving the autotune in 2008 and returning to what drew me in as a fan almost six years ago, rapping. That and the production, too. If his “return” to rapping is anything like the verses he has been laying down this year, he’s all but guaranteed another classic.

4. Maxwell–Black Summers’ Night: The moment I heard Maxwell had a new project dropping this year, I immediately set aside ten bucks for the sole purpose of supporting the return of the man, the myth, and in my eyes, the legend. “Pretty Wings” has been in constant rotation since it was first released and probably won’t go anywhere anytime soon.  Even better news? He’s dropping TWO more albums soon after this is released (on July 7 if you needed to know).

3. Jay-Z–The Blueprint 3: “Jockin’ Jay-Z” didn’t do much for me, but “Death Of Autotune” more than sparked my interest for the triology to Hov’s “Blueprint” series. While I hope it’s more BP1 than BP2, anytime Jay has an album in the works interest is automatically going to arise. Add to the fact that the guest feature and production list is out of this world with names such as Kanye West, Mr. Hudson, Andre 3000 and Drake. If this album lives up to the hype, I’ll forget Kingdom Come ever happened.

2. Trey Songz–Ready: Surpised to see this at the number two slot? By now, you should already know Songz is my favorite R&B artist out right now and with the music he’s been putting out for close to the past year has me beyond amped to hear new album material.  With what could be the definitive album of his career thus far, I see no reason why he can’t deliver…especially considering his first two albums were filled with hot material. And the fact his album drops on 8/04 (804…our area code) is the icing on the cake (pause).

1. Drake–Thank Me Later: Was this any real surprise? First rumored to drop in ’07, it’s been a long time coming for Drake to drop this album. The only difference is now the entire world is waiting to hear what “Wheelchair Jimmy” has to follow up with after his mammoth (and classic) mixtape, “So Far Gone”, which is easier said than done. Drake isn’t my favorite artist in the world, but I’d be lying if I said he isn’t making some of the best music the game has heard in years.


One Response to “TOP 7 ALBUMS YET TO DROP IN 2009”

  1. YM said

    My favorite artist ever TREY SONGZ, TI, JEEZY , & DRAKE

    Happy its Songz and Drizzy’s time to shine!!!!!!!!!!

    Get at ya boi, YM @

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