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Posted by J. Tinsley on June 10, 2009

Phil Jackson and Tex Winter. As this marks T.W.’s last season as Phil’s legendary assistant coach and even more iconic wingman, appreciation must be offered to quite possibly the greatest offensive scheme since the 1980’s. Boasting superstars as Scottie Pippen, Shaquille O’ Neal, Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan as its cheif operators, the “Triangle Offense” has become equally respectable as it is unstoppable.

In addition to hoops, the name also went into inspire one of hip-hop’s most talented, yet short lived factions in history.

The three-headed monster of Paul Cain, Fabolous and Joe Budden were a subsidary to DJ Clue’s Desert Storm imprint which also housed the likes of the A-Team and the late Stack Bundles. Actually Bundles was on so many records with the three mentioned that I considered him the unofficial fourth member. Anywho, the combo was perfect. Cain was the rough, street oreiented rhyme slinger, Fab was the smooth laid back punchline propeller and Budden was just the “hip-hop dude” who could rap circles around anyone placed in his direction.

When stacked against the other dominant cliques of that era, (G-Unit, The Diplomats, State Property and D-Block) Clue’s lyrical goons had enough firepower to withstand, and arguably reign supreme, over each camp. The only problem is they were never marketed correctly. To this day I still harbor a small amount of disdain towards Clue because at times it seemed as if he lacked what his name represented, a clue. During the early 2000’s, an album could have possibly been pulled off, especially considering Joey’s and Fab’s commercial success with their solo careers.

As always in hip-hop, I’m left to wonder what could have been. Currently, Fab, while still a highly respected name in the game, is struggling to get an album out due to leaks. Joe Budden has since moved on to another group and is preparing for the release of their album next month. And Paul Cain, well, honestly I don’t know what really became of Fab’s brother.

At least I’ve got this tape, however.

DL: Joe Budden, Fabolous & Paul Cain–The Triangle Offense (Mixtape)

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