Grade A Certified


Posted by J. Tinsley on June 9, 2009

This was my reaction upon hearing the record.

“Nike I need a puppet…”


DL: Trey Songz–Death Of Autotune (R. Kelly diss)

Kudos to Kingz



  1. Ryan G said

    Before anybody bashes Trey:

    I’m from VA 5 minutes from Petersburg to be exact. I’ve been a Trey fan from the start. Now I’m not taking anything from Kellz he is one of the greatest song-writers/remixers of our era hands down. If you really know Trey he looks up to Kellz, his first freestyles were Kellz songs i.e. Trapped in the Closet. He even has a song with him on his second album that Kellz co-wrote. And yes The Dream I’m sure is inspired by Kellz as well, but you can clearly tell when who is the inspired in those relationships. If you can say that the recent stuff that Kellz has put out is all innovated by himself your wrong. Kellz is usually the innovator with music but lately it has been the other way around (Listen to the song Number 1 Fan). I’m not saying that it is wrong to admire someone who admired you, but to copycat is, and I feel that Trey is sending out more of a “Tough Love” wake-up to Kellz. I feel like someone should have made a record like this to Micahel Jackson after the second surgery…lol. “HEY! Mike we don’t like this new look.” Not taking anything away from Mike’s talent, but just upset at the changes that doesn’t define you. And everybody had something to say about Mike for that. Give Trey credit for how he came up I think he is in the top 3 R&B artists. Notice I said artists, not entertainers. He is never going to get the credit he deserves because he doesn’t dance or do commercials and all that stuff. It’s just not him, to me personally. Was this whole thing surprising and bold…YES IT WAS!! But I can honestly say I like the innovative Kellz or Kellz that likes what is new, but still puts ‘HIS’ innovative twist on it. I believe Trey likes that as well and he and I both feel the Kellz hasn’t lately filled that void.

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