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Posted by J. Tinsley on June 9, 2009

Since roughly about 2001 when I was given a bootleg I’m Serious CD by Nathan Sapp in my high school’s parking lot, T.I. has been arguably my favorite rapper alive. Trap Muzik is one of the decade’s best albums and quite frankly Cliff’s catalog can stack up against damn near anyone making music right now (it may not be better, but he can hold his own). Now that his year and a day sentence is approximately two weeks complete, the unreleased music begins to surface.

Tip, who obviously had a lot on his mind before his report to an Arkansas penitentiary, voiced all of his concerns, frustrations and everything in between on a slew of records. This, like his record with Mary J., is an introspective record which allows the multi-platinum dopeboy to express thoughts his child’s mother who is taking him to court for child support, the label of “failure” of kids who come up in poverty and much more…

“We often question adversity’s purpose stressin’/ Not recognizin’ the blessin’, often missin’ the message/ Who’d a thought that I emerge from the ruins and the wreckage/ Even better than I was before the automatic weapons…”

T.I. is that dude. Point. Blank. Period.

DL: T.I.The Way You Want It

On this record, Tip obviously found influenced in Weezy’s foray into the rock world and decided to give it a shot. While it’s not half bad, sticking to what has got him this far might be in his best interest.

DL: T.I.–Life My Life Alone

Spotted at X’s

Flashback: T.I. x Jay-Z–“Bar For Bar, Lyric For Lyric” | Write T.I. A Letter | T.I.–It’s All Real | T.I. feat. Mary J. Blige–Don’t Forget | “The Road To Redemption…”


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