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Posted by J. Tinsley on June 9, 2009

And my nigga said I shouldn’t let it worry me
I need to focus on the girls we gettin’ currently
But I’ve been thinkin’ and it got me back to sinkin’ in
This relationship, it even got me back to drinkin’
Now this Hennessy…(is gonna be the death of me)
And I always thought that you havin’ my child was our destiny
But I can’t even vibe with you sexually
Cause every time that I try you will question me
Sayin’, “you f*ckin’ them girls, disrespectin’ me
You don’t see how your lies is affectin’ me
You don’t see how our life was supposed to be
And I never let a nigga get that close to me
And you ain’t cracked up to what you was supposed to be
You always gone, you always be where them hoes’ll be”
And this the first time she ever spilled her soul to me…

(I f*cked up and I know it, G…)

In honor of his 32nd birthday (June 8th), it’s only right that this edition of “Run That Back” focus around the often opinionated, yet never duplicated, Kanye West. To this very second, it still causes a firestorm of confusion in my head as to why this song was never on any of his four albums since it was definitely one of most introspective records ever.

See what I want so much, should never hurt this bad
Never did this before, that’s what the virgin says
We’ve been generally warned, that’s what the surgeon says
God talk to me now, this is an emergency

See what I mean? And that’s just the bridge. For a recording that was originally intended for Late Registration, this would have fit perfectly on the sorrowful and love-shattered 808’s & Heartbreaks. It represents a situation most couples have found themselves in at one point or another (the first verse), and a conclusion neither wants to face (the second verse). While it has never been confirmed, assumptions that the young lady he was referring to were, in fact, his “pre-industry” girlfriend (“She was with me before the sign, she been tryin to be mine/ She a Delta, so she been throwin’ that Dynasty sign”–“Through The Wire”). Since this isn’t a gossip site, I’ll leave the rumors as rumors and simply just enjoy the music. But whoever it was, the dissolving of what they once had showcased a vulnerable, remorseful side of Kanye which is usually shielded behind his cocky, outspoken exterior.

Sure there wasn’t any autotune, but who cares, labeling it as the “bonus track” is always an easy cop out. Regardless, if it never lands on any official Kanye release, this John Mayer and Keyshia Cole assisted track will always have room on my personal “best of…” CD.

DL: Kanye West feat. John Legend & Keyshia Cole–Bittersweet

Flashback: “Run That Back…” Fabolous–Swag Surfin’ (remix) | “We All Hustlers, In Love With The Same Thing…” | “Run That Back…” Plies–1 Day | “Run That Back…” T.I.–Drive Slow (remix) | “Run That Back…” J. Cole–Rags To Riches (At The Beep)



  1. Yea i love this track too.. I found it on a graduation **bonus tracks* mixtape..

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