Grade A Certified


Posted by J. Tinsley on June 8, 2009

The streak lives on. What streak you ask? For the 23rd straight year, I, once again, missed out on New York’s largest musical gathering, Summer Jam.

With appearances from Young Jeezy, Drake and several other marquee acts, by far the most talked/tweeted about was Jay-Z’s set, most notably the performance of his newest single.  If I can be completely honest for a second, I must admit that I really like this track. It’s not his most lyrical track by any stretch, but it showcased a grimey, dark Hov, one that I haven’t seen in years and was actually refreshing to hear. Of course he won’t do any of the stuff he mentioned on the track (i.e. snatching someone’s chain), but there aren’t many people breathing air into a mic who talk better sh*t than Sean Carter over an instrumental. Secondly, the track is doing exactly what he envisioned, creating a buzz that will surely last throughout the summer.

Even bringing T-Pain on stage was a good touch in my book, thus leaving only a handful of culprits remaining about who the song was actually referring to. Personally, the autotune “movement” is something that has never been a huge problem in my world. I just tend to ignore what I don’t like, and listen to what I do, regardless what sound effects are included in the genetic make up of a song.

**Finds D.O.A. in music folder…clicks play**

Flashback: Jay-Z: “Flair For The Dramatic”


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