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Posted by J. Tinsley on June 8, 2009

Normally, when it comes to local artists, my support runs few and far between.  It is not even because a majority of the records I hear all sound like a carbon copy clone of Gucci Mane or Young Jeezy. No disrespect towards any local 804 acts, but the greater population of aspiring artists in my area don’t have extensive topic range when it comes to their music. The reason for my lack of support happens to be because many never dare to take chances and many who claim to “grind” don’t actually at all. The other night while I was venturing into a steakhouse-turned-nightclub, I came across one of those “local artists” who was acting as a “hypeman” for the party.

His name was P-Nyce and I’d heard the name on several occasions just through people wanting me to listen to their mixtapes or by specific recommendation (sometimes it feels as if I’m an A&R with the amount of music that is handed to me). Honestly, I had listened to no more than five of his records my entire life until something happened. Roughly about an hour and a half after I entered the party, this bass heavy, foreign instrumental (to me it was) began blasting throughout the entire club. And, if I may use this term, EVERY person in the club proceeded to “go ham”.

His highly popular single, “Bitch I Look Good”, was one of those generic singles I was referring to earlier, but even I couldn’t front he had a hit on his hands with this one. Everyone, and I mean everyone from guys, to girls, to security guards, hell even the bartender was nodding his head and rapping along. If it’s one thing I respect out of an artist, even if their music doesn’t appeal to me, it is a strong work ethic. I hold that ideal close to me because I feel everyone may not like my writing, but if they see I’m passionate about what I do, then at the very least, they have to respect my mindset.

Such was the case with P-Nyce who, after performing some research on him, has been on the move recently opening for acts such as Gucci Mane, Ace Hood and Juvenile all in a matter of weeks at venues in Virginia, South Carolina and Georgia. While I will probably never be a HUGE fan of his “So Heated Digital” movement, one thing you will never hear from me is hatred thrown in his direction. Truthfully, it’d be nice to see him get some shine off this because, try as I might, I’ve been saying “BITCH I LOOK GOOD” for the past 48 hours with no end in sight.

DL: P-Nyce–Bitch I Look Good (in WMA format, working on MP3)

Flashback: “My Night At Rox-C’s”

One Response to “"B*TCH, I LOOK GOOD!!"”

  1. YM said

    Haha bitch I look good, 804 all day. Mane what is your email fam, cuz I’m tryin to take my blog to the next level, and I wanna ask some questions.

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