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Posted by J. Tinsley on June 7, 2009

The leaking of songs is something that has become a fixture in the urban music scene over the past half decade. Unless your name is Jay-Z, there really isn’t anyway to stop the act from happening, and in some occasions a leak is actually a good thing. Such wasn’t the case when three Jermaine Dupri produced Fabolous tracks ended up on the street (internet) around this time yesterday.

Fab, who was obviously upset by the leaks (and for good reason, “Throw It In The Bag” was leaked early too), decided to vent his frustrations the only logical way nowadays, through Twitter.

What the fuck?? I’m hearing someone in JD’s camp is leaking my songs!! “Aint nothin So So, i thought i knew JD well ?? “

When the three tracks, which featured Ne-Yo, Trey Songz and Jay-Z, hit the net the immediate thought was someone in his camp, not J.D. himself, obviously had a grudge against Loso and hit the “upload” button. With at least one of the guaranteed to be a single (more than likely the Songz cut), it is understandable Fab’s camp wanted to hold on to the record for awhile longer.

Was a lil disappointed about the leak shit, and dont get me wrong i dont think its JD hisself leakin the songs. But someone in his camp!

He wasn’t done just yet either.

All 3 of those songs were produced by him or SO SO DEF.. So its a lil funny that only his 3 joints got leaked, right??

Get back in the lab, Fab, because honestly that’s the only thing feasible right now. No way to un-leak the records, so use this to your advantage. I know it’s an unreleased Stack Bundles verse out there, so let’s get one more “Triangle Offense” type record for the album.

Flashback: Fabolous Springs A Leak



  1. Get back in the lab Fab because honestly, all three of those tracks were, “So So.” And I thought YOU knew JD well?

  2. YM said

    I f*ck with the joint with Neyo, and Songz is from my city, so it is what it is yun…..

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