Grade A Certified

"MID-DAY RE-UP (6/6)"

Posted by J. Tinsley on June 6, 2009

That’s how it feels when a stampede of exclusives hit your computer. Instead of creating separate posts for each track after the jump, why not have another episode of CRM’s highly popular (I suppose) series, the “Mid-Day Re-Up”.  And yes, I can tell time and see that it’s only 10:35 in the morning, not “technically” mid-day yet. Work with me people.

DL: Birdman & Rick Ross–Got A Bitch

DL: Eminem–Chemical Warfare (from The Alchemist’s “Chemical Warfare”)

DL: Big Sean feat. Kanye West–Glendwood

DL: Lil Wayne–Told Yall

DL: Cassie feat. Jadakiss–Make You A Believer

DL: Mary J. Blige feat. T.I.–Do It Again

DL: Lil Wayne–I’ma Go Getta

Expect to find all tracks on Big Mike, DJ Thoro and DJ Stress duo of mixtapes, “Summer Shutdown Pt. 1” and “R&B Jumpoff 52.5”. Major, major props to HIF.


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