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TGIF "Thank GOD I Can Flashback:" Mr. Biggs

Posted by T. Adeyemi on June 5, 2009

Once Again it is Friday and we are blessed with another opportunity to TGIF, “Thank GOD I Can Flashback.” If you’ve been keeping up with the site (which I hope you have) these past couple weeks then you’ve enjoyed the sounds of Mista & Soul IV Real. First, let me say that I appreciate all the emails and text messages I received giving suggestions on who I should highlight in the coming weeks. However, let me remind everyone of my guidelines to this Flashback thing.

1) R&B Songs ONLY! I Love Hip Hop Too, but there’s something about uncovering some throwback ballads or uptempo dance tracks that brings me a feeling that Rap could only envy.

2) The song has to be AT LEAST 7 years old. I’m sorry, but contrary to what they do over there at 106 & Park and their “Throwback” joints of the day. We’re actually going to dig into our archives of thousands of songs of damn good music.

3) Also, a song CANNOT be a “Flashback” if it is still in the early club rotation on Friday & Saturday nights. After 5 years of being surrounded by Dj’s I know that “Touch Me, Tease Me” is part of any good Dj’s warm-up mix. But just because its over 7 years old doesn’t mean its forgotten, which does not enable us to “look back” upon it.

Now, those are my rules. If you think there should be additions or subtractions let me know. Leave a comment, email me, or shamelessly once again I beg to lead you my people, if you would oh so graciously FOLLOW ME.

Now that we’ve gotten that cleared up for the last time, I hope. Does anybody remember one of the originators of “Baby Makin'” music, a smooth criminal in his own right (no pun intended), a true ladies man, a provider, a deceiver, heart breaker (LOL)….Mr. Biggs?

Well chances are you haven’t seen the legendary Isley Brother due to his incarceration at a prison in middle of nowhere Indiana. Isley, who turned 68 this past May was convicted on tax invasion charges in 2006 after not filing tax returns from 1997-2001. Isley had also filed for bankruptcy in 1997 after the government seized much of his assets due to non-payment of taxes for over three decades. When Isley was sentenced in 2006 he was still in recovery from a recent stroke and complications from kidney cancer, however the judge did not feel the need to be leinant on Isley and sentenced him to 3 years & a month.

Although, Isley is currently behind bars we can still reminsice in his presence musically. From the early days of the Isley Brothers and one of their first hits “Twist & Shout.” Sorry Beatles fans, the Beatles remade that song in case you didn’t know. Or later on in Isley’s career where he soothed many women’s hearts with his lead vocals on legendary ballads like “Choosey Lover” or “Between the Sheets.” The Isley Brothers songs have definitely lasted the test of time, especially the persona that Ronald Isley was able to introduce on this track of Mr. Biggs. Mr. Biggs was the original “BOSS” and as you can see he lays down the law on R. Kelly’s unloyal ass. Now, I know some of you are probably wondering, “How can you highlight Mr. Biggs on a song that’s not even his?” Well simply put, I don’t support petefiles or whatever we “should” label R. Kelly as, bottom line he’s too tricky for my liking. And secondly because Mr. Biggs could use the support as he awaits his projected April 2010 release.

So Take the Time and Flashback…

“Be Real, Be True, Keep It 100.”


4 Responses to “TGIF "Thank GOD I Can Flashback:" Mr. Biggs”

  1. Respect to the O.G. Ron Isley aka Mr. Biggs. Much appreciation for all the music this man has had a hand in over the years. Tax evasion has to be the most generic crime the feds can get anyone on. When in doubt, just throw tax evasion on him. With that said, one thing you can’t do is cheat Uncle Sam out his money.

    But yeah man, Mr. Biggs will always be that dude just based on the fact that his songs were like stories. Vivid, violent stories, but catchy nonetheless.

    He needs to get out soon so he and Chester The Molester (Kellz) can come out with another banging track. I’ve been saying for years those two should have done an album. I know I would’ve copped it.

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  3. Idolderie said

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