Grade A Certified


Posted by J. Tinsley on June 5, 2009

Apparently Bron is pulling babysitting duties solo because Kobe’s off with other business.

Glad to see Nike is taking College Radio’s advice and making Lil’ Dez a mainstay in these spoofs.

“Cheer up, it took Mike seven years. Sir Charles, he ain’t even got a ring. Not one.”

You speak wise words, young Dez. Keep your head up, Bron. I’ve already began drafting a proposal to bring either Bosh or Amare to Cleveland if the NY thing doesn’t go through.

Flashback: Lil’ Wayne–Kobe Bryant | Kobe vs. LeBron “Babysit & Sing”Kobe & LeBron “One on One”Kobe vs. LeBron “Unstoppable”Kobe & LeBron “Three Rings”Kobe & LeBron “Chalk”


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