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Pepsi Smash "Pass Me The Mic"

Posted by T. Adeyemi on June 3, 2009

Since I was up early this morning because my grandfather fried me on some “important” task he needed my young arms & legs for. I figured I’d play catch up on a few things I’ve been neglecting. First task on the list, filter through all the built up emails I’ve allowed to accumulate in my 3 different email accounts. Not to worry people, if you’ve emailed me some new music or suggestions for the site, or anything of substance; chances are I got it. However, chances are if your email says, From: “Tom Jones”…Subject “I’ve Got A Gift for You.” Then yes, your email has become part of the black burnt stuff that gets stuck to the bottom of the pan, that stuff you wish you didn’t have to scrub your knuckles off to clean, but you know eventually someone you has to clean it out.

So anyway as I began the daunting task of lowering my message count from 576 messages to around 180, I noticed a few of Yahoo Music’s new Pepsi Smash videos. Now generally, I wouldn’t completely just swaggerjack another site’s hand-crafted freestyle videos. But since at this point I can’t get the likes of Jadakiss, Raekwon, & Busta Rhymes together for a cipher AND Yahoo was kind enough to provide the embed code, I figured why not.

So here’s the newest Mic Pass video featuring the “Refresh Everything All-Stars.” Or as we know them Busta Bust, The Kiss of Death, Justin’s favorite rapper’s favorite rapper Jay Rock, The Chef, & CAPO.


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