Grade A Certified


Posted by J. Tinsley on June 2, 2009

Through various posts here and there, The Kickdrums have remained a figure here, unfortunately not as much as they should have been. Either way, their music often gets play when I’m driving home from work tired, stressed out and in need of some relaxation. So it comes as no surprise that when OnSmash posted their album (yes, they’re cool with it) that I naturally knew what the next CD which would find its way to my whip. In case you’re still not familiar with this Cleveland-based duo, do yourself a favor and open your ears up to a new sound.  It’s not your trunk-rattling, drug induced music that I make available so often around. Rather it’s GOOD music, sort of like the label.

Hit the jump to be put on game.

1. Imaptient (Slow Down)
2. When I Come Down
3. Just A Game
4. Things Work Out
5. Personal Calamity
6. Out To Get Me!
7. Slippin Away
8. Mental Traveler
9. Death Of A Dream Machine
10. Tell Me Stories

DL: The Kickdrums–Just A Game

Flashback: The Kickdrums feat. Joell Ortiz–Just A Game (remix) | Slaughterhouse–Move On (video) | Saigon–Change Gon Come (prod. by The Kickdrums)


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