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Posted by J. Tinsley on June 1, 2009

It hasn’t been a good year for Chris Brown and everyone who looks like him. Yesterday, a story broke involving Shannon Brown which is all too familiar to the Lakers, more so Kobe Bryant, at the most “convenient” of times as the Western Conference Champions look to claim their fourth title of the decade.

Unlike the situation with Bryant, Shannon Brown’s situation was dismissed before legal ramifications were even felt.

Los Angeles Lakers point guard Shannon Brown is being sued in civil court for an alleged sex-related incident with a woman in Denver, Brown’s agent, Mark Bartelstein confirmed to ESPN’s Shelley Smith on Sunday.

Bartelstein said the suit stems from an incident when Brown was playing for the Charlotte Bobcats, who played in Denver on Jan. 30. Brown was traded to the Lakers on Feb. 7. Bartelstein said that within 24-48 hours after the woman filed a police report, Denver police fully investigated her claims and “did not even pursue it. Prosecutors found nothing to pursue.”

“There was absolutely nothing to it,” Bartelstein said. “I find it very interesting all of a sudden Shannon Brown has some success and someone decides to sue him civilly. People can draw their own conclusions. I stand by Shannon Brown. Everything Shannon has said to me as to what happened, the prosecutor verifies.”

Brown only had this to say regarding the incident.

“The truth is going to come out. I didn’t do nothing. I’m innocent and we’re just going to let it takes its course,” Brown said.

With memories of Kobe’s fight for his legal life in Denver over five summers ago and most recently with Brown in the same city, the “Mile High” city is officially number one on America’s “most dangerous groupies” list.

Woman files suit against Lakers point guard Shannon Brown


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