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Dj TayJames & CollegeRadio Presents: CollegeRadio Vol. 11 Rhythm & Blues

Posted by T. Adeyemi on June 1, 2009

Well would you look at that. Right after I finish bragging about how one of our Dj’s is going hard in the paint for this music sh*t, The Boy Wonder himself Dj TayJames hits my blackberry with a new mixtape of his own. The mixtape work ethic of this guy is becoming legendary around these parts. Last week he dropped The Twitter Tape: Social Networking which currently has a spot in my 6-CD changer in the whip. And this week he’s continued the CollegeRadio series with volume 11 of all R&B.

As I keep saying around here, Grinding is not an issue we have. So one day soon someone will notice the work that’s being put into this site. Sh*t, maybe that day is tomorrow. Rumor has it, Dj TayJames & the DimePiece J. Tinsley are dropping a highly anticapted mixtape with one of Jay-Z’s proteges around noontime here tomorrow. Which One? I guess only time well tell, LoL. Well without further adieu click the link for the download (if you already haven’t.)

For Your Listening Pleasure: CollegeRadio Vol. 11 Rhythm & Blues

Coming Soon: Look Out for links to the ENTIRE CollegeRadio Series of Mixtapes to be posted Very soon. So Clear some space on that dusty ass harddrive of your’s. And FOLLOW on Twitter for updates on New Post, New Music, & ALL THAT.


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