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Dj Marvalous in Assoc. with CollegeRadio Presents: "Dimes & Nicks Vol. 2"

Posted by T. Adeyemi on June 1, 2009

As I’ve stated before,

If you’ve been a loyal follower or have visited this site on several occasions then by now you know that (CRM) is definitely about the music, and furthermore about the essence of Hip-Hop. The essence, being the basics in which started the lifestyle; the culture that is known as Hip-Hop today. One can look no further than the universal communicator of what’s hot, what’s new, and what’s a must than that of the DJ.

With that being said, yet another one of CRM’s squadron of Dj’s has been on the grind and in the lab to bring the people what they want to hear. My man Dj Marvalous aka “The Marvalous One”, aka “Mr. Versa-style” aka “Marvalous The Martain” aka get the rest from him because dude has TOO MANY aliases has been kind enough to drop in my email the link to his newest creation.

In just getting off the phone with Dj Marvalous he informed me that there will be more mixtapes and more installments to the “Dimes & Nicks” series dropping later this summer. Plus, I have to give a quick shout out to Centless Clothing. Big Homies make sure ya’ll send down some of that New Summer/Fall ’09 gear CollegeRadio’s way. You scratch my back…well you get the picture. And before you download the mixtape (let’s face it you’ve come this far) make sure you check out a little background video them dudes over at Centless put together for your viewing pleasure.

Dimes & Nicks Vol. 2 Mixtape

Flashback: Dj Regy Reg & CollegeRadio Present: The “Broken Silence” Mixtape


2 Responses to “Dj Marvalous in Assoc. with CollegeRadio Presents: "Dimes & Nicks Vol. 2"”

  1. Big shout out to DJ Marvalous

  2. Big shout out to DJ Marvalous

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