Grade A Certified


Posted by J. Tinsley on June 1, 2009

My theory regarding TNT’s NBA post-game show has always been that there was never a script involved, E.J. just has a list of topics he navigates through and lets Kenny and Chuck say whatever comes to mind. And 90% of the time, it works all the time, which makes it the greatest post-game show on television, regardless of sport.

Out of the three man crew (adding Chris Webber and Reggie Miller at times), Charles Barkley is by far the most vocal. But even he reached a new level of “commentary” when he expressed his feelings towards his producer on live television.While E.J. was attempting to congratulate the producers of the show, the pride and joy of Auburn University let his feelings be known through a simple cough that “ironically” sounded like the word…well, you’ll hear it, just click play.

Keep in mind, before the producer shot, he also called Kenny “numbnuts”. If he’s this entertaining on TV, imagine what Sir Charles is like when he’s drunk. Nevermind, take that back.

For the record, Charles picked Orlando to beat Cleveland and everyone (including myself) looked at him like he was a babbling idiot. Now, in the Finals, he’s picking Orlando in seven. I’m just saying…

Kudos to John


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