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Posted by J. Tinsley on May 31, 2009

Might as well get straight to the point. May was one hell of a month. This picture of Claudette Ortiz was only used to lure you into the rest of the post. If you happen to be a female reading this, no need to worry, I’m all the eye candy you need. Follow me on Twitter or look me up on Facebook (**sarcasm**).

Speaking of C.O. (no Rick Ross), whatever happened to City High?

1. The King was dethroned.

2. The greatest commercials of the past half decade turned out to be null-in-void.

3. One word…photoshop.

4. Jeremih gave a visual for the greatest song ever recorded.

5. T.I. finally started serving his bid. Feel free to write him whenever you get free time.

6. Meet Don Juan.

7. Turns out Maino knew what he was talking about.

8. I sat down with the future of R&B, Voyce Alexander.

9. Chris Brown’s making a comeback. He’s not a monster either, by the way.

10. R.I.P. Exodus Tyson.

11. I actually liked an Ace Hood record.

12. Surf Club gets props from Drake.

13. Carolin Berger sucked her way into the news.

14. Trappin’ Ain’t Dead

15. The most famous punch ever connected…on Charles Hamilton’s chin.

16. Jay-Z and Def Jam divorced.

17. Mike Vick came home.

18. Malcolm would have turned 84 this year.

19. R.I.P. Dolla.

20. Drake-mania invaded DC.

21. People still wear tall tees. Who would’ve known?

22. DJ Holiday gave the streets what they had been waiting for. Gucci’s first official mixtape since coming home.

23. R.I.P. Wayman Tisdale.

24. Snoop is the ultimate homeboy.

25. Louis V put Rick Ross on blast.

26. T.I. gave Alfamega the boot.

27. Stephen Curry loves college.

28. VIBE listed their top 50 blogs…and this wasn’t one of them haha.

29. Blake Kelly recorded a song with Rick Ross and Usher…kinda.

30. A-Rod dropped dimes…supposedly.


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  1. Where did City High go? Then again its rare that protege’s can ever sustain long enough to make a permanent impact on the game. Except a few have made a 1 album splash worth noting. Uh OH! I feel another “Behind the Shadows” type of article coming on. Well I’ll shelve that for now…but Good Idea to wrap up whats been a crazzzzy month Brotha.

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