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Posted by J. Tinsley on May 31, 2009

Losses hurt more when so much potential is invested in a win. By now, I’m sure you’re probably thinking, “is this guy on LeBron’s payroll?”, but honestly, that’s not the case. The crazy part about game six was that I didn’t see a second of the action until it was 91-75 Orlando with about seven minutes left in the game. I had been out at Kings Dominion the entire day and what was supposed to be a 30 minute nap mutated into a three hour conference with my pillow.

As fan of LeBron, but more so a fan of the game of basketball, all respect should go to the Magic for the series they put forth including the playoff record 62 three point field goals made during the six game series.  They’ve got all my admiration and if they are making threes, they are damn near impossible to beat. The upcoming matchup with the Lakers should be a dandy because while Orlando has no one who can guard Kobe, LA has no one that can guard Dwight.  But this isn’t about those two just yet. I’m sure in the coming days Tyrell will make his alligence towards the Lake Show known even more, and quite frankly that’s cool. He’s one of the few Lakers/Kobe fans I respect. However, let me focus, for one last post (probably not the last) on King James.

It’s sometimes easy to forget that this was only LeBron’s fifth season because of all the hype and progress he’s made thus far in his career. However, last night hurt particularly.  One thing about me is that I am a true fan in sports. Whenever my affiliation falls on the wrong side of the scoreboard, I feel the pain more so than most. Sure, LeBron should have congratulated D-Howard and his teammates for the victory, but in the heat of the moment, sometimes you forget about professionalism and just revert back to the competitor that lives in us all. He’s probably already called/texted/tweeted Superman letting him it was no hard feelings and that he wishes him the best, but I’m sure the media, more so Skip Bayless, will take this and run with it. It’s the media, let them do their job, I guess.

The most pressing fact still remains that in order to prohibit the one act that would doom Cleveland forever (i.e. Babe Ruth leaving the Red Sox for greener pastures in New York) management must assemble a formidable squad around Lebron. Common knowledge in sports would tell you that the best time to get a championship is to get it THAT year. With Orlando only getting stronger next year with the return of Jameer Nelson, Chicago getting better, Boston will have “the Boston three party” back next year, Miami will still be around and with Cleveland possibly losing a great majority of its team to player options, free agency and retirement, the future is cloudy. So is LeBron’s.

“We can’t put it all on him,” Cavs forward Joe Smith said. “He needs some help.”

When your own teammates say you need help…you need help. LeBron to New York seems like the logical decision right now because of the pain of the loss, but to realistically keep the King of Ohio in Ohio, he is going to need a team around him (more so an athletic big man). Even residents of Cleveland feel the end is near.

Mo Williams is a choke…I hope he never puts on a Cavs uniform ever again. Speaking of putting on a Cavs uniform, enjoy our last season with LeBron Cleveland because he is outta here C-town. The Cavs supporting cast is nothing and LBJ knows star players will follow him to the Knicks. Bye Bye Bron Bron!!!!

Cavs need a new COACH – Brown totally blew it, had no answers for magic’s rotating offense; would have been better to play man to man, let howard score 60 points rather than leave every magic player open for three; what a joke – if Brown is allowed to come back next season, count on another year of disappointment – cavs need a real point guard, and forwards who can SCORE, or say bye bye to LJ in two years, he’ll end up in New York or Chicago, and Cavs will be brought back down to earth, even more so than tonight.

Jordan had Pippen and Phil Jackson. Elway had to wait for Terrell Davis and Mike Shanahan. Lebron has only his Yankees hat. Great season James you made Mo Williams an all Star and Mike Brown coach of the year.

Looking at the numbers, James had arguably the greatest postseason series of all time averaging over 39 points, eight rebounds and eight assists a contest. Before game six, he assisted or scored on 108 of the team’s 184 field goals. But at the end of the day, all the kryptonite in the world wasn’t enough to stop Superman and his Justice League of friends.

“You need a total team effort to win,” Magic forward Rashard Lewis said. “LeBron’s a great player, but at the same time, you need more than one guy. You need five guys. You need guys coming off the bench.”

It is what it is, I guess. I’m still a fan of the “Kobe” move a few years ago when he basically threatened to leave Los Angeles and never come back unless Mitch Kupchak brought some help into town. Almost instantly Paul Gasol appeared in La La land and the rest has been history.  At this point in time, it might be too late, but who knows, stranger things have happened in sports.

Time to gear up for football season. Tony Romo, if you’re reading this, you better learn how to play in December.

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  1. 1BadMammaJamma said

    So Kobe I guess can finally be crowned the greatest at this moment. because what everyone says in sports whether they believe it or not, is that “Winning is Everything.” And with winning “supposed” to be ALL that matters Kobe has surpassed LeBron again.

    I Like LJ, but sometimes he should just go old school Kobe and NOT pass the ball to his teammates. Shoot, honestly who could have blamed him if he would have pulled that move this series.

    Lakers in 6 games! 4 Ringz for the Black mamba

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