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"The Ambassador of Rap" Late Night "Chillin'"

Posted by T. Adeyemi on May 30, 2009

If you haven’t noticed by now, we at always find time to “support one of our own.” And my man Wale (don’t say Wall-e) would be at the top of that list. Over the last two months he has headlined the “Attention Deficit Tour” alongside one of D.C.’s legendary Go Go Bands UCB. The tour opened up in what better place than Norfolk, VA, a part of CollegeRadio territory and has pushed forward ever since.

With the tour coming to a wrap, there were a few appearances and performances that were added to help bolster Wale’s growing fan base. One of which being, Last Call with Carson Daly. Wale performed his latest single (and hopefully breakthrough single) for the packed crowd. With a show that combines the raw acoustics of an amazing live band the absence of Lady Gaga, who is featured on the song was not sorely missed.

I suggest you jump on the bandwagon now, especially those D.C. natives that are still HATING on Wale. Learn to “support your own” D.C. and maybe you will become the next Hip Hop train stop for up & coming artists. Anyway, shout out to ALL MY NIGERIANS while I’m at it. If Wale makes it, we all make it. Now watch the video and if you like what you see Check Wale out at Wale Music or FOLLOW HIM.


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