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TGIF "Thank GOD I Can Flashback": Soul For Real

Posted by T. Adeyemi on May 29, 2009

TGIF…I know for most people your immediate thought is, “Thank God its Friday.” However, if you’ve been following the site for at least a week now, then you would have noticed a new weekly series I began this time last week. Every Friday I “TGIF” and flashback to an R&B hit from at least seven years ago. Yes people! A song cannot be constituted as a flashback if it is still being played in the early rotation at a club, or if you can simply remember every word to the song the moment the song comes on; I don’t believe it is a flashback. At least those are my rules, and if you agree then Follow ME. (Sorry, I couldn’t help the shameless plug.)

This week’s flashback is dedicated to one of my All-Time favorite R&B groups that in the end only truly achieved moderate success. The song, “Every Little Thing I Do.” The group, Soul For Real. This Wheatley Heights, NY foursome consisted of brothers Brian, Andre, Christopher, & Jason Dalyrimple. Though the brothers had always sung together in church and for their parents, they did not officially form together as Soul For Real until 1992. The group was soon discovered by producer/songwriter Heavy D and signed to Uptown Records.

After months of anxiousness the group finally released their debut album on March 28th, 1995. Their lead single, which coincidentally has lasted as their most successful was “Candy Rain.” “Candy Rain” hit number 1 on the Billboard charts and seemingly set the boys on a track to sure stardom. Riding the buzz of their number 1 single Soul For Real followed up “Candy Rain” with another smooth, melodic, ready to dance track entitled, “Every Little Thing I Do.” This second single was also well received, however peaked at number 11 on the Billboard charts.

After the foursome’s Heavy D produced debut album reached platinum status they reached out to then super producer Sean “Puffy” Combs for an assist on their second album called “For Life.” However, even with the young mogul’s efforts their follow-up was met with very moderate appeal. Since that point the group has released one other album titled “Heat” that did not reach the Billboard charts.

The group was able to re-establish a small bit of recognition in early 2009 when group member Brian was arrested in North Carolina on charges of identity theft. Surely not the attention the group was looking for, it is said that they are focusing on releasing a fourth album in 2009. Rumors have been spread about a lead single featuring fellow New Yorker Jadakiss. In the meantime.

Take the Time and Flashback…

“Be Real, Be True, Keep It 100.”


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