Grade A Certified


Posted by J. Tinsley on May 29, 2009

With all factors included, “Living The Life” might be the best thing to happen to JD‘s career since helping mold Mariah Carey’s Emancipation of MiMi in 2005. Being one of YouTube’s most successful series, it’s helped give his fans an entire new appreciation for his grind while making stars out of guys who would normally remain behind the scenes, Johnta Austin and Bryan Michael Cox. Adding superstars like Usher, Nelly and Trey Songz to the mix doesn’t hurt either.  And for kicks, adding everyone’s favorite  homeboy, Tyrone, just balances out the entire equation.

After weeks of hype, the group, who dubbed themselves as the “Ocean’s 7”, now have their first official release and quite frankly, with all the musical masterminds involved, heat should be at a maximum.

DL: Ocean’s 7 Mixtape (3000 and 9 Shit)

**Note sure why they didn’t chop the tracks up, but once it is, you’ll get it.**

Flashback: “Living The Life” Archive


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