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Posted by J. Tinsley on May 29, 2009

About this time last year (give or take a few weeks), Maino was beginning to reap the success of his then smash single, “Hi Hater”. Things looked promising for Brooklyn’s Bully and his debut album, If Tomorrow Comes, ranked as one of my more anticipated albums of 2008. Fast forward through the numerous push backs and label politics, Maino has still yet to see his LP hit shelves. However, with a projected summer date set in stone and an official tracklist confirmed, hopefully the man who once “laid the hand of God” on Lil’ Cease can soon see his name on the Billboard Top 200.

Not to be mistaken, however, Main’s been keeping busy. Aside from smacking a random audience member for disrespecting him or his run-in with Yung Berg, his most successful side hustle has been that of a psychic.  Earlier this year, the track, “2009 Predictions”, was released with Brooklyn’s own giving his take on the year to come, two-double O-nine.

With the last year of the decade halfway complete, let’s take a look back at how successful he’s been.

1. “Ain’t much gon’ change, economy is still fucked/ When we gon’ learn, the Knicks gon’ still suck…”

  • Ok, this wasn’t much of a reach, but still counts in the long run. I’ve already laid my future plans out for the Knickerbockers (if Cleveland implodes). Step 1: draft Stephen Curry.

2. “Rappers is lame, they still gon’ beef hard/ This year, someone gon’ get killed on World Star…”

  • While they had nothing to do with the tragedy, R.I.P. Dolla.

3. “In New York, labels still ain’t giving niggas deals/ I mean, Cassie is bad, but she’s never gonna sell…”

  • Correct. Even with the nudes leaking her album sales couldn’t garner a steroid shot.

4. “Who gon’ break up? Who gon’ stay together?/ Chris Brown and Rihanna won’t make it till September…”

  • Probably the most accurate prediction and he got this one out the way early.

5. “Got a feeling that Cam, he gon’ pop back/ And Yung Berg still won’t get his chain back…”

  • Cam did pop back and at last check Berg’s chain was still on a nationwide tour.

6. “Cops gon’ still shoot us and get away again…”

  • What makes this line even sadder is that I bet he didn’t see this happening to his best friend.

….and he’s still got another six months for his other claims (i.e. Foxy Brown sex tape, Jay-Z having a “baby Beyonce” and Real and Chance admitting they bat for the other team). Cleo my ass…

If Tomorrow Comes coming this summer…I think.

Flashback: Maino feat. T-Pain & Young Jeezy–All The Above (remix) | Red Cafe’ feat. Maino–General | Maino feat. T-Pain–All The Above (Video) | Maino, Red Cafe’ & Uncle Murda–Murdergram 2009 | Maino feat. Pleasure P–You Ain’t

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